Juan Martin Gomez is currently serving as CEO of CIMA Group, providing the leadership to make the company competitive in a global scale. Juan is an innovative, goal-driven and progressive leader with strong success in the industry combining his strength and credibility with customers, employees and also with the investor groups.

Prior to joining CIMA Group, Juan Martin held several corporate roles; At Xynergia, he served as President since 2002. He also held several roles in key departments of Americatel and worked in Corporate Investments. Juan Martin holds a Business & Administration Degree from Florida International University. Juan Martin has more than 15 years of progressive experience in the telecom industry.


ANEW Broadband is a provider of alternative communication products and services that empower small and medium-sized businesses. ANEW Broadband’s reliable worldwide network and strategic alliances provide its clients with the communication’s technology to remain competitive and enhance their businesses.

For more information please visit our website at www.anewbroadband.com



AURIS provides simple, innovative solutions that are at the core of the evolving digital economy, which manage and support global communications and electronic transactions.

Auris provides cloud based BSS/OSS core digital platforms to Communication Service Providers (CSP) enabling them to enter into the digital economy.

A trusted partner since 2002, Auris offers its partners one-stop-shop solutions that enable its clients to focus on their business. Auris combines technology and business knowledge to work as one.

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Hola America is an international long distance voice service provider that unites migrant communities by enabling families to stay in touch with each other. Hola America is a pinless and Top Up long distance service provider, which allows customers to make international calls from USA to over 250 countries worldwide.

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Cima Telecom manages multiple direct interconnections worldwide to ensure your traffic runs on the highest-quality networks available. Our biggest customer is our own retail platform-originated traffic, so we are just as committed as you are to delivering the highest quality of service to end users. Rest assured your customers receive the same quality and support that we provide to our own retail customer base.

Cima Telecom is a fully licensed telecom operator dedicated to maintaining a leading edge with the latest technologies to provide premium quality telecom service products. With a fully redundant, IP-based network, we have the scalability and consistency needed to provide you with carrier services for your customers at the right prices.

For more information please visit our website at www.cimatelecom.com



MobilCash is a leader in mobile payment solutions.

Since MobilCash is customer driven, mobile operators or financial institutions do not need to approve or certify the application. By integrating their system with payment gateways in each market, MobilCash offers a turn-key solution for business and consumers.

For more information please visit our website at www.mobil-cash.com


Knetik is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider that offers services for management of any digital
experience online.

Powering personalization, engagement, and monetization – The Knetik Platform enables clients to rapidly deploy next-generation services leveraging a robust and scalable back-end. Knetik’s offering is used by some of the most innovative media, gaming, e-commerce, and education companies in the world.

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IBW Holding S.A. is a recognized provider of voice, cable TV, wireless data and Internet services in Central America.

In Costa Rica, the Group operates a network of WiMAX, data trunked radio, as well as the Maya cable, the consortium submarine cable owner. In Honduras, it has partnered with a major cell phone company. In Nicaragua and Guatemala, it owns an Internet, Data and Cable TV operator. Finally, in El Salvador, it delivers corporate Internet services, data transmission and other telecommunications security solutions.

For more information please visit our website at www.ibw.com



Nyx Mobile brings security, style, entertainment, efficiency and elegance through its diverse product lines of GSM, 3G and 4GLTE Android devices designed with the highest standards in quality.

Nyx Mobile is an innovative brand that has been designed to bring the best of current technology to everyone. It is intuitive, friendly and evolving through constant change and innovation. Nyx Mobile communicates and connects people without limits.

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TrustHab was built to solve problems such as visibility into energy consumption and HVAC equipment maintenance providing remote thermostat control for student housing managers. Having these tools at the fingertips enables cost reduction, while simplifying staff workflows and improving the student living experience.

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Cima Smart Cities improves the quality of life of citizens and the sustainable development through an efficient and responsible use of the city’s resources and services.

For more information please visit our website at smartcities.cimagroup.com